Power Chips

Optimise the Performance and Economy of ECU Controlled Turbo Diesels
The Power Chip is an add-on computer that intercepts the signals between the factory ECU and the injection system. Flexible and versatile, it can be tuned to suit power and economy requirements of the current driver, yet easily changed at a later date to suit another application.

There is a 20% improvement in Torque for the standard vehicle.

The module can also be re-programmed to take maximum advantage of non-standard modifications – like Hi-flow Exhaust systems, Intercoolers, Snorkels etc.

We recommend that you change the exhaust to a larger diameter to allow the increase of fuel and air being forced into the engine to be efficiently released, but it is not essential.

The module itself is quite small so can be discretely located in the engine compartment or inside the cabin.

Simply DIY
5 Year Warranty – Unlimited Kms