Coil Springs

Sold as a Pair

OE coils are well known to have a limited life and perform poorly during that life. Often sag in the rear with less than legal load capacity.

4WD Systems coils are precision manufactured, heat treated in an electronically controlled furnace, Shot Peened, Scragg & Load tested – all processes aimed at eliminating long term sag and maintain performance.

Available in a variety of coil wire diameters and numbers of coils, providing a range of options of ride height, ride comfort and load carrying capacity for different applications on the same vehicle.

Linear Rate (evenly spaced coils) – Improved ride and load carrying.
Progressive Rate (variable spaced coils) – excellent ride with acceptable loaded height.

‘Progressive Rate’ coils can be made to sound like nirvana by the inexperienced Salesperson but unfortunately this is often NOT the case. When loaded, the Progressive Rate Coil will often ‘sit-down’, the close wound coils will go ‘coil-to-coil’, (metal to metal), so that part of the coil has no movement at all. Immediate loss of height.

Be honest and accurately calculate the extra weight of accessories fitted and load when considering what coil your vehicle needs. Don’t forget, HD springs with load will flex & ride like medium springs do with a lesser load.

Ride Comfort – Medium Load (Linear or Progressive)
Heavy Duty – Constant Load or Occasional Heavy Loads (Linear Only)
XHD – for Excessive loads (Linear Only)

Consider Air Bags for HD or Excessive Loads, particularly if there is a big variation in load.