Suspension Parts

Poly Urethane & Rubber Bushes
Are designed for factory or 4WD Systems leafs (unless otherwise stated). They are not a replica of the original rubber bush, they have ‘pockets & slots’ to trap grease – to improve ride and life of the springs and the bush themselves.

Other Suspension Bushes are available for most Control Arms & Panhard Rods.
Kits sold ‘per rod’ or as a Complete Vehicle Kit

Greaseable Fixed End Pins & Swinging Shackles
Are designed for factory or 4WD Systems leafs (unless otherwise stated).

Used to facilitate satisfactory lubrication of bushes and leafs – to extend life and improve ride.

The grease applied during initial fitting will wear away/dry (in time) or be washed away by water and mud – so it makes sense to be able to apply grease right into the centre of the bushes and spring eye.

Manufactured from high tensile 10.9 grade steel. To suit Ride Comfort & Constant Load leaf packs.




Ancillary Parts – Generally for 3″ or larger Lifts
Sway bar extensionsSold separately as a Kit for the Front & a Kit for the Rear
HD Adjustable Tie RodsSold as Each
HD Adjustable Drag LinksSold as Each
HD Adjustable Panhard RodsSold as Each
Bushes for Shock absorbersSold as Each
Bushes for Control ArmsSold as kit for Each Arm
Coil SpacersSold as Each
HD Adjustable or Fixed length Control ArmsSold as Each
Longer Brake Hoses: Rubber or Stainless BraidedSold as Each

Note 1.
For Nissan Patrol lifts over 3″, the steering box will move ‘off-centre’ as the factory Drag Link (which goes from Steering Box on RH chassis to the LH front wheel) is non-adjustable. So it is advisable (but not mandatory) to fit an HD Adjustable Drag link, to get the steering box back to centre. (especially the case when SRS airbags are fitted and removing the steering wheel is problematic).

Extended Brake Hoses
Braided Stainless lines eliminate the ‘spongy’ feel observed in extreme braking conditions – sometimes observed with rubber lines. Stainless exterior also provides resistance to corrosion and abrasion.

Swagged directly onto hand drawn tensile stainless steel braided Teflon hose. However, good quality new extended Rubber Lines are satisfactory for most high lift applications.