Why Choose a Torqit Exhaust?

Apart from the solid deep note that rings out when you turn the key, or the extra KW and NM from a free breathing engine… did we mention the low EGTs or the better fuel economy (note: you don’t get good fuel economy if you drive it like you stole it).

torqit exhaust 79 series

If you’re still not sure, here’s a few more reasons to choose a Torqit Exhaust…

  • 10 year warranty on stainless steel systems
  • Thick 304 grade stainless steel
  • Internal and external welding
  • Heavy duty wrap around brackets
  • 10mm laser cut flanges welded internally and externally
  • 3” double braided stainless steel flex bellow
  • Twin designed pyrometer fitting to suit EGT/AFR fittings
  • High flow diesel spec metallic catalytic converters
  • Stainless steel barrels in all systems
  • Titanium coated dump pipes on turbo back systems