Torsion Bars

Sold as a Pair

Have an increased spring rate or load capacity by increasing the diameter relative to standard (and higher quality material).

This has several advantages:

  • reduces brake dive under severe or sudden braking that results in loss of traction
  • reduces body roll during cornering
  • reduces tyre wear by maintaining correct wheel alignment longer

The IFS Torsion Bar front is a flexible design that provides good ride comfort due to the control arms moving independently of each other (with limited wheel travel it has to be said (fit a Lokka to overcome the traction loss) but the limited wheel travel cannot be changed without significant expense).

However the Torsion Bar design uses quite ‘short bodied’ shocks, hence low oil capacity (compared to long bodied shocks used in other suspension designs).

For these applications the larger the oil capacity (hence piston diameter), the better. The limitation is clearance from other components in the confined space.

With Torsion Bars, our usual ‘rule of thumb’ is:
If its done a reasonable number of kms or had a hard life – upgrade them.
If its got a significant front bar or winch – upgrade them.
If there is a significant lean to one side or a wide variation in the adjusters – upgrade them.
If not, then simply adjust the existing Torsion Bars. Ride will be better with original bars and minor front load.

In the case of the Nissan Navara D22, the early versions (pre-2002) had 24mm diameter Torsion Bars and the after-market size was a healthy 26.5mm – a good increase. The later D22 have 26mm bars standard, so the increase to 26.5 is hardly worth it. Better to spend on more worthwhile components (read larger diameter shock-absorbers) – in virtually every case.

For IFS Torsion Bar suspensions, the upper bump stop on most applications should have approximately 10mm clearance to give adequate ‘down stroke’, yet achieve good height increases over standard.

Upper Ball Joint Spacers are available for some models – to allow for greater travel and adjustment. Fit with Diff Drop Kit.