"The best and most affordable way to boost your off road capability!"

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And it’s fully automatic. No wires, no switches, no air compressors or air lines – just traction when and where you need it.

As soon as you engage 4WD, the LOKKA is there working. 

You no longer have you use “a little bit of momentum” to get up a track. The LOKKA maintains the drive between wheels, so when you lift a wheel – the other wheel still powers on.

Whether fitted to the front, rear or both differentials, the raw traction in your 4WD is significantly improved in all levels of 4×4 and 2×4 performance activity.

The best thing is, you can still steer your vehicle, you can still do the tightest of tracks. Air lockers and electric lockers will keep pushing your 4WD in a straight line – because they lock the entire axle. They stop your diff from being a diff.

Whilst the LOKKA locks your diff giving you traction – it automatically unlocks when you need to turn a corner. It’s a brilliant piece of mechanical engineering.

And we’ll tell you how it works in a sec, but first…

Shauno from 4WD247 shows you just how good the LOKKA is.

4WD247's Shauno shows you in less than 30 Seconds before and after fitting a LOKKA
(full length segment below)

How does a LOKKA work?

A LOKKA is a fully automatic Differential Lock that does not require any manual operation. It relies on a simple mechanical design which makes use of two distinct sets of forces – the “ground driven” forces acting on a wheel when cornering (that force an outside wheel to turn faster) and the forces from the engine (power) turning the differential and axles.

The combination of these two sets of opposing forces and the LOKKA design allow the automatic engagement and disengagement of the driving gears when a vehicle turns or requires differential action. 

Wheel slippage or a loss of traction can occur for many reasons off-road and include excess throttle, fast approach speeds, limitations in wheel travel (especially independent front suspension vehicles), weight transfer off drive wheels & slippery surfaces such as mud, sand, snow, shale, wet grass etc.

Lokka in the box

In many of these circumstances both the normal standard differential and LSD center will allow the wheels with the least resistance to spin. Thus the wheels with traction do not obtain any real drive and the vehicle will lose speed or stop. LSD centers might assist under these circumstances but only if they are in good condition and only if there is enough resistance on the spinning wheels to activate the clutch pack or gears to force drive to the wheels with traction. Even a new LSD will allow a lifted wheel to spin freely with no drive to the wheel with traction.

LOKKA overcomes the traction deficiency of the standard differential and LSD center to ensure that a 50:50 power split is achieved when driving, irrespective of ground (or air!) conditions, yet at the same time still allowing differential action when cornering on hard ground.

Whether fitted to front or rear or both differentials, Traction Performance is significantly improved in all situations.

LOKKA enjoys an excellent reputation for reliability throughout the world – sold in every continent, in all realms of 4×4 and 2×4 performance activity.

Here's the full length segment Shaun did on the LOKKA.