Elocker Difflocks

Harrop eLocker

ELocker uses Eatons patented electromagnetic locking centre to lock one side gear inside the carrier. Once one side gear is locked, the other planetary gears cannot rotate, and the effect is to lock the two axles together. AirLocker works on the same principle but uses air pressure from an on-board compressor instead of an electromagnetic force.

The Elocker performs as an open differential when not locked, meaning it has no effect on driveability. With the push of a button there is virtually instant locking, and the precision-forged gears lock to provide a 50-50 power split to each wheel.

Suitable for Front and/or Rear application, but like all manually engaged diff locks, has limited steerability when fitted to the front.

Fitting time varies from 4 to 6 hours, depending on application. The ELocker centre replaces the existing, in effect the ring gear or crown wheel is swapped to the new ELocker carrier. On a very few models new carrier bearings are mandatory, but is not essential on 98% of fitments. However, the crown & pinion gear relationship does change and the mesh or backlash needs to be adjusted to finalise the installation.

The OE recommended oil for the differential is suitable for Elocker, and any additive is also compatible.