4WD Systems Turbocharger kits are an environmentally friendly system that delivers the ultimate combination of power, economy, durability, tow & pass ability, low down torque, altitude compensation & emission control.

A turbocharger increases engine horsepower by delivering additional air to sustain efficient combustion at higher fuel flows, typically under load. What makes it unique is that the turbocharger itself makes no demand for extra energy since it is powered by the heat energy in the engines exhaust gases which would otherwise go to waste.

Rather than being expelled into the atmosphere via the standard exhaust, the super heated (due to additional fuel under load) exhaust gases are channelled to drive a turbine wheel in the exhaust housing.

TD42 turbo low mount
Turbo kit fitted Patrol TD42 GQ/GU
Turbo GU 42 upgrade
Turbo Upgrade suit Patrol Y61 TD42T and TD42Ti

It is the rapid expansion (into the manifold and first section of the exhaust system) of the super heated gases as they cool that creates the energy to drive the turbine, rather than high RPM expelled gases. Connected to the turbine, but in a separate chamber, is a compressor wheel. As this compressor wheel spins, it supplies clean air to the engine from the air cleaner. A turbocharger literally turns waste exhaust gases into energy. While doing so it increases fuel efficiency and reduces exhaust emissions.

Turbocharging is the most effective and economical method of making an internal combustion engine more energy efficient.

The installation of a 4WD Systems turbocharger will give you a significant increase in power and torque of approximately 40-50%. This will give you the power of a petrol engine and yet still retain all the benefits of long life, reliability and economy of your diesel.

The result is a vehicle that can carry or tow heavy loads with ease, provide the acceleration necessary for safe easy highway passing and overcoming the frustration of long hills especially when towing.

In addition your off road ability will improve dramatically by providing a wider stronger torque band which reduces the power gap between gear changes. You will be amazed at the transformation!

4WD Systems has a long history of suppling and installing turbo chargers exclusively to 4WD vehicles. Our experienced mechanics have been trained in the specialised field of turbocharger installation which includes fuel injection pump calibration, waste gate diaphragm adjustment and exhaust temperature analysis.

For those who wish to install themselves, all Kits come as a DIY (with easy to follow instructions, Our experienced technicians can answer any other questions during installation), with absolutely everything in the kit: turbo mounted on a new caste manifold, braided stainless steel oil hose, water hoses if applicable, stainless support straps with rubber liners, all castings, silicon hose, clamps, nuts, bolts & fittings etc.

Adjustable internal wastegate.
All Kits have a 3 Year Unlimited Km Warranty.

Replacement OE Turbochargers
4WD Systems can supply &/or fit either reconditioned OE turbo chargers and New Replacement Units.


Turbo 5L Mitsi
Turbo Kit fitted to Hilux 3.0Li 5L & 5LE, 97-05, Watercooled

Power & Torque Comparisons

The power and torque increase delivered by fitting a 4WD Systems turbocharger kit to a diesel 4WD vehicle is often misunderstood and undervalued. The following is a quick comparison of well known standard engines to turbocharged diesel vehicles.

Note that for many turbocharged diesel engines the maximum torque is realised at significantly lower RPM than larger capacity petrol engines (compare the 1HZ turbo vs 4.5Li petrol). As the torque occurs at substantially lower RPM it is more usable – you don’t have to high rev the engine to get performance. Hence the vehicle has substantially improved towing ability, easier safer passing and a vehicle less effected by long hills and strong head winds. As a ‘rule of thumb’ once the turbocharger is fitted the vehicle will be a ‘gear and a half’ to ‘2 gears’ better off up hills.

  • 1HZ/TD42 turbocharged have very similar torque to the Ford & Holden petrol V8’s (at substantially lower RPM)
  • 1HZ/TD42 turbocharged have very similar torque and power to the Chev 6.5Li V8 diesel
  • Cost of conversion to 6.5Li Chev can be triple that of a 4WD Systems turbocharger installation
  • Many of the smaller 4 cylinder diesels, when turbocharged, have comparable figures to the Holden 4.2Li V8
  • 4WD Systems Intercooler increases torque approximately 17% above traditional turbo installation
Toyota1HZ (4.2Li) – 4WD Systems turbo125 kw @ 3400 rpm390 nm @ 2000 rpm
Toyota1HZ (4.2Li) – 4WD Systems turbo intercooled133 kw @ 3400 rpm458 nm @ 2000 rpm
Toyota2H (4.0Li) – 4WD Systems turbo107 kw @ 3500 rpm335 nm @ 1800 rpm
Toyota5L (3.0Li) – 4WD System turbo85 kw @ 4000 rpm260 nm @ 2400 rpm
Toyota3L (2.8Li) – 4WD System turbo80 kw @ 4000 rpm255 nm @ 2400 rpm
Toyota1HD FTE – 100 factory turbo intercooled151kw @ 3400 rpm430nm @ 1800 rpm
Toyota1HDT – 80 factory turbo122kw @ 3500 rpm370nm @ 2000 rpm
Toyota12HT – 60 factory turbo100 kw @ 3500 rpm315 nm @ 1800 rpm
Toyota1FZ-FE (4.5Li) twin cam petrol165 kw @ 4600 rpm387 nm @ 3600 rpm
Toyota4.7Li V8 multi-valve petrol170kw @ 4800 rpm410 nm @ 3400 rpm
Toyota3F (4Li) petrol110 kw @ 4200 rpm284 nm @ 2500 rpm
NissanTD42 – 4WD Systems turbo130 kw @ 4000 rpm388 nm @ 1800 rpm
NissanTD42T – 4WD Systems Upgrade turbo130 kw @ 3600 rpm388 nm @ 1800 rpm
NissanTD42TInt – 4WD Systems Upgrade turbo135 kw @ 3600 rpm455 nm @ 1800 rpm
NissanQD32 (3.2Li) – 4WD System turbo100 kw @ 3500 rpm286 nm @ 2000 rpm
NissanTD42T – factory turbo114 kw @ 3600 rpm330 nm @ 2000 rpm
NissanTD42TInt – factory intercooled turbo116 kw @ 3600 rpm360nm @ 2000 rpm
NissanZD30 – factory intercooled turbo116 kw @ 3600 rpm354 nm @ 2000 rpm
Nissan4.8Li – multi-valve petrol185 kw @ 4800 rpm420 nm @ 3600 rpm
Ford4.9Li (302) V8 efi petrol 388 nm @ 3000 rpm
Holden5.0Li (308) V8 red petrol 400 nm @ 3100 rpm
Holden4.2Li (253) V8 blue petrol100 kw @ 4200 rpm269 nm @ 2000 rpm
Chevrolet6.5Li V8 diesel120 kw @ 3400 rpm394 nm @ 1700 rpm
Mitsubishi4M (2.8Li) – 4WD System turbo92 kw @ 4000 rpm257 nm @ 2000 rpm
Ford, Mazda2.5Li diesel – 4WD System turbo85 kw @ 4200 rpm226 nm @ 2000 rpm