Recovery Gear Kits

4WD Systems has a range of Recovery Gear, Kits & Accessories – designed from the ground up for the active 4WD Driver. The Recovery Kits come in a purpose built bag, complete with a comprehensive list of recovery gear for vehicle based or winch based recovery. All parts & accessories available separately.

Recovery Kit – Basic 4 pcs
Recovery Kit – Expedition 9 pcs
Recovery Bag Only

Bow shackles 3.25T & 4.75T
Snatch Block 8T & 10T
Drag Chain 1.8m
Tree Trunk Protector 12T
Winch Extension Strap 12T
Snatch Strap 12T

Hi-Lift Jack 48″ & 60″
Hi-Lift Jack Base
Hi_Lift Holders for Roof-Racks and SWC’s
Exhaust Jack 4T

Sand Track – Roll-out 4T
Sand Track – Plastic board 4T

Tow Hitch Receiver with Bow Shackle
Winch Cable Dampener
Leather Gloves

Electric Winch 3000lb ATV
Electric Winch 9500lb with Wire
Electric Winch 9500lb with Synthetic
Electric Winch 1200lb with Wire
Electric Winch 1200lb with Synthetic