Long Range Fuel Tanks

Since 1994, 4WD Systems have been designing, developing and manufacturing long range fuel tanks to ensure the largest usable capacity in the available space without compromising ground clearance, off-road performance to gain driving range..

Our unique and often odd shaped designs optimise the under-vehicle space, ensuring maximum useable capacity to gain driving range and the best value ($ per litre capacity). A long range tank can dramatically improve the driving range of a vehicle from 50 to 200% depending on the tank and model of vehicle.

fuel tank animated 4WD Systems
Long Range Fuel Tank | 4WD Systems
  • 4WD Systems’ tanks are ADR compliant – (VSB14) NCOP9
  • Precision CNC laser cut from 2mm steel for strength.
  • OEM filler hoses connect to 4WD Systems’ tank filler inlet on replacement tanks.
  • Flanges are CNC machined, with pre-drilled and threaded holes for an exact fit of existing OEM hardware.
  • All fittings are high quality brass.
  • 4WD Systems Tanks are Internally baffled.
  • With an internal fuel corral and a magnetic drain plug to collect contaminants.
  • Mounted using flex plates and gusseted mounts. Where required, additional mounting bushes supplied to assist in preventing stress cracking. Our reinforced tanks are designed to cope with chassis twist and heavy off road usage. 
  • Our tank designs take into account larger exhausts and rear bars – however if you’re not sure about a mod you have on your 4WD, give us a call and we can work out if the tank will fit properly.
  • Supplementary DIY fitting instructions provided.
  • Whilst our tanks can be DIY installed by someone with decent mechanical and fitting skills, they are not at the easy end of DIY jobs. Some tank installs require specialised equipment, and you will need someone to give you a hand.  If you’re not sure about fitting it yourself, call our team and we can answer any questions you have.
  • All tanks come with a 3 year warranty.