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Jesse P
Toyota Surf

I have fitted the 2" lift kit to my Toyota Surf and it looks and feels great. I am really happy with it.

And I would like to thank you for the great customer service when I was buying it from you.

Matt C
Toyota LCR HZJ80 1998

I bought lokkas from u guys and love them.

Looking at adding more power to the 1 hz and really leaning towards the intercooled turbo you sell as my lokka experience has been fantastic so I want more of that!

Sean B of SA
Toyota LCR

The Landcruiser (VTM 730) had its first real stretch of its legs over the weekend to the Flinders and back and it works a treat. The turbo is a dream and makes it plausible to actually over take slower cars, instead of sitting behind them cause the diesel takes so long to wind up. Very happy.

Nathan A of NSW
Toyota Surf KZN130 1993

I recently bought 2 Lokkas off you for my Toyota Hilux Surf and have 3 bits of feedback for you.
Don't worry, it's not bad, quite the contrary actually.

First of all, the service I got from you leading up to the purchase, contained sound advice regardless of how stupid my questions were.

Secondly, I put in the order very late in the day but you still managed to get the parts to me the next day, 1200km away. It took me 2 bloody days to get a crown wheel delivered within Sydney.

Thirdly and sorry for being long winded but, I went on a 4WD course today and it was great to get out and test the auto Lokkas I had installed earlier in the week.

When I turned up at the course, the other guys (instructors included) all probably looked at in my 17 year old Toyota and probably though "this piece of shit is out of place". Everybody else was in new cars with electric everything and 101 different electronic driver assist gadgets installed.
Here I was in my sub $10K standard Hilux (apart from the Lokkas), surrounded by big some dollar machines, a new 150 series 5 door Prado, a new 150 series 3 door Prado (neither were base model), a 200 Series Sahara, a 120 series Prado Grande, a series 3 and a series 4 Land Rover Discovery.

Haha, with my secret weapon invisible and unexpected, the auto Lokkas transformed the Surf into the star of the day and embarrassed every other car in one way or another. The Land Rovers were the only competition due to the fact that they have every conceivable electronic traction aid ever invented, but they still couldn't match the smooth ascent ability created by the Lokkas.

I was astounded with the performance of the Lokkas and cannot praise them highly enough based on their first rigorous test.

While on the course, nothing ended up being a challenge thanks to the Lokkas. Hills where every other Toyota struggled, the surf walked up without spinning wheels or losing traction. I had to laugh though as it was embarrassing for the other buggers. It got to the point where nothing was stopping the car so I started picking the hardest possible lines forcing myself onto 2 wheels (opposing wheels front and back off the ground) continually, but still crawled up the hills at little more than an idle. Due to the lack of a challenge and as a joke, I actually slipped it out of 4 low and started doing the tracks in 2WD Hi (only the rear Lokka for traction) and it was still getting me up most hills with less spin than the others in 4WD.

I can easily see how a Lokka will reduce CV breakages in the front of an IFS equipped car, as wheel spin is basically non-existent when lifting wheels and you no longer need to get a run up with a heavy right boot to get up a hill full of wombat holes.

The highlight came at the end of the day when the lead instructor had a tricky track that they preferred only to be attempted by cars that have ascent driver assist aids. I was given "permission" to do it as I had seemed to be able to keep up throughout the day. The instructors set a simple challenge for this last obstacle and it was to try and get to the top and if you did, try to get to the top as slow and as controlled as possible but without ever stopping. Hahaha, I won that competition easily and showed up every car. It was easy because traction control systems are jerky due to the fact that the car has to wheel spin or stop before the car reacts to it and regains traction to continue. The Lokka prevented me from ever losing traction in the first place so was perfectly smooth without the jerky stop-start of the high-tech electronic aids.

We had spent the day watching each other attempt the challenges but by the end of the day, the other participants labelled me as boring to watch because I was crawling up hills so easily, not spinning wheels, was not revving the tits off my car spitting our rock and dirt damaging the track and my car to get up each hill.

Every hill got more difficult throughout the day and with each hill, my Lokka purchased was confirmed as money well spent. I could have bought a new set of tyres for the money I spent on getting Lokkas but I know that in a few years the tyres would be worn out and the Lokkas will still be going strong.

Oh yeah and finally, I have no affiliation with 4WD Systems but now think they F**KEN ROCK!!!!!

Janne H of Finland
Nissan Patrol GQ
Hello Tom and once again thank you for the good service! Roof rack and snorkel fits perfectly.. LOKKA is still waiting an inspiration......

Mark P of QLD
Ford Cortina 1980

I love your lokka! much better than the detroit that i had in my rally car.

Darren B of NSW
Nissan Navara D22
Well the diff lock is fitted (by ACT diff doctor) and took it for a run in July. As you would expect it changes the off road performance of the Navara dramatically. So much so that my brother suggested he would look into getting one for his Hilux. Anyway very happy with the increase in off road ability given it's a torsion bar/leaf spring setup, lifts wheels everywhere however the diff lock in the front axle makes the world of diference.

Paul B of SA
Toyota Prado
Took the Prado to Saunders Gorge over the weekend for a little Lokka workout. Rutted and Rocky with some reasonable hill climbs. Lots of loose stuff and the rain had left some marks on the track as well. Lokka performed faultlessly, made the whole task of getting up some steep shaley inclines effortless. My mate Adrian came along as well with his 100 series Lokka's front and rear and he was really impressed as well. Much happier to ease up some of these rutted rocky slopes than use momentum to get through.

Steve G of NSW
Mitsubishi Pajero NH
The more I've read about the Lokka (apart from what I suspected was BS on the Outer-limits forum), the more I'm convinced they're a much better product than what else is available & much better value.
I hope you don't mind if I post the feedback pdf on the forum to counter the misleading info, which was probably from someone who spend a lot more money on ARB lockers! However, there's a couple of reasons I will purchase a Lokka as soon as I can afford one;
They're automatic & reasonably quiet in operation,
The ability to steer while they're working, as it doesn't seem to me much use to be able to climb up some rocks, only to find that your vehicle drives off the edge because the diff-lock you've fitted won't let you turn! Cheers

Chris W of QLD
Toyota LCR HJ75 1989

I fitted one of your lockers in the front diff about a month ago, since then I have been testing it out in the wet rainforest tracks and extremely rocky hill climbs in the mountains above Cairns in north qld. So far I have been really impressed with the advantage your locker has given me. It has pulled me up some rock walls that onlookers had deemed impossible, I even had one bloke search my car for air locker switches. It unlock when its suppose to just like your add said. It took me about 3 hours and a carton of xxxx to fit by myself and was not difficult at all. It has not been noisy either like i've heard rumors about like one of those detroit type lockers. I'm so impressed that I have been seriously thinking about puting one in the rear diff