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Carl L of VIC
Holder Rodeo RA 2003

Current Accessories: Couple inches body lift, 33" muddies and one off your arse kicken' front lokka's! What I can get over and up now I wouldn't even have dreamed about before, the tyres and lift were great, but the Lokka is just plain nasty. yep it definitely doubles your trucks ability. Cheers

Ken D of VIC
Jeep Wrangler TJ
The Lokka went in easily as you said - about 2 hours with me helping my mechanic brother. And it has made a huge difference! Nice to drive on the road too. Thinking of doing the rear now.

Greg C
Nissan Pathfinder r50

My new snorkel for the Nissan Pathfinder R50 arrived today. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to installing it over the Easter weekend. I opened the package and it looks really good and obviously very professionally produced.

Mike T of Ottawa, Canada

This is a quick note to say thanks for the excellent fuel tank I bought from you. I installed it myself a few weeks back and I was completely impressed by the quality of your product. ... The ingenious use of space for this tank, taking advantage of all the empty space not normally taken up by the factory tank, is amazing.

I am extremely pleased and satisfied. I've been showing off the tank to all who want to know about it and highly recommended your company to those looking for the type of enhanced products that you specialize in.

Todd M
Since I fitted my Lokka my courier has been transformed from a rabbit jumping around everywhere to a caterpillar in control and appears to be able to tackle any sort of terrain I can throw at it ,having said that if I had a crystal ball I would have installed a Lokka a front diff , a few dents and a lot of crash bashing ago , thanks to your team. Cheers

George H
Toyota HLX LN167 2003

It does everything it said it would, locks up both front wheels in any condition and yet when doing the lock unlock test my girlfriend can unlock it with ease one handed. you can only notice that its there when your in 4WD, there is no difference to steering with the hubs in and the little lever in 2wd not a bit. The difference that I can see between a lokka and an air locker (besides being over $500 cheaper)

Is the air locker you flick a switch, lokka you move a lever. Seems like a good deal to me. Fitment is as quick and easy as said, i am very picky so I took a bit longer and I fitted new bearings but I can see it being done in halfa once the diff is out of the car.

I could not hear mine unlocking so if you cant don't worry its just working fine.

Neil B of QLD
Toyota 4Runner 1991
Thanks for the assistance and knowledge given, having a slip diff rear your recommendation to lock the front was excellent and the right choice made. Lokka ordered and received 2 days later. I had this unit installed by Hart Transmissions in Strathpine and 100% to those guys. Just returned from Landcruiser Mountain Park and drove Camp Hill, Cruiser Canyon, Test Track going for all the difficult bits and the Lokka performed excellent. Thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to get the most from their fourby.

Peter E of QLD

The Lokka is definitely on the list but not just yet. Loved my last Lokka and recommended it to hundreds of serious 4x4ers, many of which I know bought them from you as well as many of the conversions for the landcruisers to allow 2 wheel drive. No complaints from any of them...:)

Giles G of VIC
Nissan Terano V6

Just a quick thank you for the "fitment" of the snorkel on my grey 1990 Terrano. Performed a treat. 11 creek crossings, 1650 km of Bulldust in 48 degree heat and three washes of the prefilter sock, The main filter is still servicable after 15,000k. Next a long range fuel tank.
Your grateful Windmill Mechanic,

Janne H of Finland
Nissan Patrol GQ
Hello Tom and once again thank you for the good service! Roof rack and snorkel fits perfectly.. LOKKA is still waiting an inspiration......